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Day Trip to Albion Park Aircraft Museum

06 Jun 12
Peter Bull
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 From Peter Bull:

I have received several reports that the poor weather was the only negative to a thoroughly enjoyable day. Those who attended are looking forward to Neil’s next outing.





From Neil Yakalis:

Total of 18 turned up & the day was voted a success despite the windy rain we had to go through to get back to Albion Park station.

From from a very small start a few years ago it appears to be now up & running once I handed over advertising to you through the Vets emails.



Rob Askew had  a group photo taken of us all standing on the staircase up to the restored “Connie”. This is the only flying one in the world & took 16,000 hours to restore. It is the museums “pride of the fleet” & was the only aircraft we were allowed to board.

Attending the aircraft museum were:

Neil Yakalis, wife Jeanette & son Paul

John & Janet Eades

Dave McIntosh

Ross Beaumont

Robert Askew

Bryan & Jennifer Collath

Bruce Hardiman

Ray Hookway

Ron Lukin

2 of Neil’s neighbours with their wives &

an ex school mate who is a retired Qantas mechanic


Neil Yakalis, 98050749, 0414 228516

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