The OTVA blog is designed to act as an archive of stories and to facilitate discussions among OTVA members. To help with the organisation of the stories and discussions on this blog we have defined several categories and created a starting post in each category.  These starting posts then invite members to “comment”. These “comments” are where you write your stories or contribute to a discussion.

Feel free to read the stories (and comment if you like) by browsing through the categories OR search the blog site by entering appropriate keywords in the search dialogue box at the top right of the page. (NOTE: The search function only searches the posts/stories not comments). To leave your comments simply click the “comment” link at the top or bottom of the story.  Please note: All comments go to the Blog Editor of the day for approval before going “live” on the blog site. After your comment goes “live” other members may then enter their comments to enhance your story or to further the discussion.


If you want to do more than just read the blog (i.e. if you want to  add comments) then you must first register at with a valid email address. After registering you will be emailed a password allowing you to login at Logon with your username and the password supplied. After logging in you are directed to your “Dashboard”  which is like a control centre for maintaining your personal profile. You do not have to make any changes to your profile at the moment. To go to the blog click on the link called “OTVA Member’s Blog <- Visit site” located at the top left hand side of your Dashboard web page. 

To contribute to a story simply click on an appropriate “Category” on the right, find a story that interests you, and leave a comment in the box provided at the bottom of each story. It’s that easy to start blogging.

If you forget your password click on the “Forgot Password” link on the logon page to reset your password.