The OTVA has some 255 members with a variety of backgrounds and experiences in the Telecommunications industry. The following members are life members:

Mr A Hennessy                         Mr J H Collister
Mr A J Farrugia                        Mr K Theaker
Mr R Hall                                 Mrs J Hall
Mr T H Barker                          Ms P Helps
Mr P Bull                                  Mr C Bull
Mr D. Richardson                    Mr W. Whyte
Mr J. Simpson                         Mr G Martyn
Mr K. O’Brien                           Mr R. Tuckfield
Mr M. Callaghan

New Members

Are you interested in joining the association? Any person who is interested in the history of telecommunications in Australian can become a member. Simply email and the President of the OTVA will reply to your email telling you how to become a member. You do not have to have ever worked specifically in international telecommunications and no qualifying period applies.

Ask about our new enduring memberships where you can pay once and become a member for the life of the association.