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VALE – John Norris

24 Jun 15
Peter Bull
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Denis Chambers has advised that John Norris passed away a couple of months ago.

John was a Melbourne man who will be well remembered by all those who went to Wagga on the Australia Day Weekend for all those years to play cricket.  He was a very good cricketer with both bat and ball and a real gentleman on the field.

John retired on Tuesday 20 March 1984 to the Gold Coast with his wife Mildred after 38 years with OTC. John did not keep in touch with the vets or many of the ex OTC people.

The sad news was passed on by Keith McCredden

The below photo is from Transit after a Caboolture Day in 1986.

Caboolture Day 1986










Retirement Notice in Transit














Transit Jun 1981

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  1. Peter Bull July 6, 2015 at 9:35 am

    Very sad to learn of John’s passing, we were on different cricket teams at Wagga over the years. I met him again at the cable reunion at Southport. He said he had my measure when bowling to me which was probably right. He was a thorough gentleman and a pleasure to know over many years from 1956 on …rgds…
    Noel Chapman

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