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VALE – Allan Ritchie (29th July 1997)

02 Sep 13
Peter Bull
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From Allan’s daughter, Lorraine Thomas (nee Ritchie):

My Dad, Allan, worked for the OTC at Doonside & we lived at Staff Cottage No 8 up to about 1969, when we moved to Baulkham Hills. Dad commuted to work from there before his retirement. I think he retired in 1979; I remember going to his retirement “do” in Blacktown.

I have been able, thanks to your initial help, to find many men who worked with him & I am so moved by the responses I received. Each man remembered him as a wonderful “teacher” & problem solver & a real gentleman, & he was. In particular, I have been having ongoing email conversations with Neil Yakalis. What a wonderful man! He has quelled a lot of curiosity I had about Dad’s time at the station. My Dad died on 29th July 1997.

Is it possible to include him in your “vale” section of your veteran’s publication.  I never knew the high esteem in which he was held. I suppose I would like something  concrete regarding Dad’s time with the OTC. For me, as a child & up to the age of 17 when we moved, it was the most wonderful part of my life! Dad never discussed his work & Neil has filled me in on a lot of things.   There are some men who remember him clearly.

Allan Ritchie

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