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OTC Southern Ocean Yachting Classic – 1987

12 Nov 20
Martyn Greg
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1987 Yacht Race from Hobart to Perth,
in time for the America’s Cup Challenge.

Sailing Against the Roaring 40’s

OTC was invited to sponsor a special yacht race in 1987 to link the Sydney to Hobart annual race to the Americas Cup race in Perth.

Image: Start of the race Hobart to Adelaide. Photo Tom Barker.
The OTVA Newsletter of December 2020, and I expect, the March 2021 edition have 2 stories of this race, how it came about, and it’s organisation, both from a managerial view and that of a Radio Operator on the Race relay ship.

Tom Barker explains the origin of the races.

In 1986, Peter Shore was the Manager of OTC Public Relations and he received a visit from the Commodores of three yacht clubs, The Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania (RYCT), the Royal Perth Yacht Club (RPYC) and the Royal South Australian Yacht Squadron (RSAYS).
They told him that as the Americas Cup had been won by the RPYC (famously sponsored by Alan Bond) in 1983 and that club was committed to host races in defence of the trophy in Perth, in January 1987, it would be fitting if a series of ocean yacht races could be conducted after the conclusion of the 1986 Sydney Hobart race, which would culminate in the Defence of the Americas Cup, in Fremantle. These races would be from Hobart to Adelaide, Adelaide to Esperance Bay (WA) and Esperance to Perth.

Don Koulaouzos’s application as Radio Officer on the Radio Relay ship was successful.

As Don says “… I was also appointed as Chief Radio Officer (CRO) and would be on duty for the entire duration of the SOYC. It was hard to contain my absolute glee for the rest of the day with this humbling honour and exciting responsibility.
The other successful Radio Officers (RO) who were to join me for each leg of the race were Brian Morgan, Maryanne Lyneham and Peter Gilkes all of us in our mid 20’s.”

Expect to see their full stories in the Newsletters.

Images of the Southern Ocean Yachting Classic 1987

by Greg Martyn. Newsletter Editor.

SOYC-054 Privateer in Gageroads 23-1-1987 (a new record 2 days 6hrs 49 min 23 sec from Esperence)

Privateer arriving in Perth waters 23-1-1987. Photo: Tom Barker.