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SOR Spring St Sydney before the move to Paddington circa 1963

19 Oct 12
Peter Bull
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From Laurie McIlree:

Hi Peter,

I took these photos when I worked in SOR Spring St Sydney before we moved to Paddington in about 1963, I particularly like the photograph of the control room with the open book sitting on the telephones and the empty chair.

Number 1 photo shows  4 little black motors in the middle of racks which had flywheels filled with mercury  and I remember we used to calibrate them with a piece of plank wood at a calibrated height one end and a stop watch to time how long it took for the wheels to go down the board a certain distance, calibration was done by adding or removing mercury from with in the wheel.

How things have changed.

Best regards


1. SOR TED Equipment for telegraph on cable.

<img src=”” alt=”SOR TED Equipment for telegraph on cable” />

2. Siemens mux Telegraph on Radio.

<img src=”” alt=”Siemens MUX Telegraph on Radio” />

3. SOR TED control room rear.

<img src=”” alt=”SOR TED Control Room Rear” />

4. Hasler mux TOR equipment.

<img src=”” alt=”Hasler MUX TOR Equipment” />


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