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Retirement of Ray Wood (Doonside, ~1976) – Can You Verify the Names of Those In The Photo?

11 Jan 17
Peter Bull
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Can you fill in the missing names of this photo taken circa 1976 on the occasion of the retirement of STO2 Ray Woods from Doonside.  The photo was supplied from Alan Gravelle’s archives. Does anyone who attended know the details of the venue where the retirement function was held?

Head Office staff are in the photo and, as Doonside staff saw them infrequently, the names may not have been known by Doonside staff or simply forgotten. There are 3 names needed to complete this puzzle.

The names may be as follows but, as it was 40 years ago, confirmation is requested through your considered input.



Back row: Peter Croswaite (Senior Engineer Radio), Ron Flood, Peter Hamersmar (workshop) Barry Stockbridge, George Maltby, Austin Housman, Percy Day , John Hampton, Tom Heatley, Bill Day (Bringelly) , Alan Ritchie, Geoff Warner, Harry Stone.

Front row: Peter Seaton , Laurie Lynn or Milton Cale (??), John Burdinat, Murray Oakley , Ray Wood, Mike Tobin, Alan Gravelle, Dale Young.



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