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  1. Peter Bull July 29, 2015 at 12:32 pm

    Hi Peter
    It’s actually my geocache, not placed by an RD Murphy with a callsign VK2ME. At the given coordinates is a large sign detailing the history of the first transmitting site which had the callsign VK2ME (hence the name of the cache). The information on the web page is taken directly from the sign that is there.
    The reason I placed the cache there was because of my interest in radio, and I have made it what is known as a multicache so that people have to read at least some of the sign to get the information to find the actual cache which is fairly close by – otherwise people would just go and look for the container and most would ignore the history. To see the coordinates people would need to create a login on the website, but they are S 33° 45.828 E 151° 03.265 and most easily reached by a path leading from Norwood Avenue which runs off North Rocks Rd.
    I started the cache off with some radio and electronics themed items as swaps in the hope they might inspire some other people to get into radio, such as a small MW/SW/FM portable radio, FM radio transmitter kit, Crystal radio kit, and a collection of stickers from various radio stations around Australia and overseas I have gathered from many years of listening as a hobbyist.
    There is also another monument to the early days of radio located on the corner of Cleveland and Stuart Sts in Wahroonga which is the location of the house owned by Ernest Fisk. More information on that site can be found at
    Regards (or 73s)
    Richard Jary
    ex OTC/Telstra Trainee Technician, Project Assistant, and IT at different times during my career there.

  2. Peter Bull July 29, 2015 at 12:33 pm

    Hi Peter
    When I was a hell of lot younger, I remember an elderly OTC person telling me about this site. I had mentioned that I came down Carlingford Rd a lot and he told me that when I cross North Rocks Rd, look to the North and the 2nd and 3rd houses on the left were part of the original Tx site. I don’t know if they are still there but they were well into the 90’s.
    When OTC closed the HO Library I found a book which actually showed these 2 houses and was labeled OTC Pennant Hills (I think??) site. I have no idea what they were used for but I expect staff accommodation.
    Greg Waller

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