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Passing of William A A Brown – Aged 93 Years – Seniority 16 Oct 1951

23 May 16
Peter Bull
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Bill Brown’s son, Gerry, has advised of Bill’s passing on 13 May 2016. If you have any photos or words of Tribute to Bill that you would like to share with others via the OTVA web site, please send them to me for review and possible upload to the web site.  William A A Brown











I have only one William Brown on the books of the OTVA and could only find one Bill Brown and William Brown both of whom retired as CRS Supervisor (CRS 2) so I can only assume that he was the one and only. Bill Brown started with OTC on 9 April 1951 and retired in October 1985. From April 1979 Transit:

Bill Brown CRS Supervisor Sydney Radio






























May He Rest In Peace  

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  1. Peter Bull June 6, 2016 at 10:12 am

    Eulogy For William (Bill) Brown¬¬¬

    A sincere word of thanks to all in attendance today. I would now like to tell you about Bill Brown, his early years, working and married life, and time in retirement.
    Bill was born in Rangoon, then British Burma, on the 15th October, 1922, grew up there and worked in telecommunications prior to war and invasion.
    He escaped to India along with his mother and while there met his wife, Ramona, and they married on the 8th April 1947. They soon welcomed the arrival of two children, Gerry and Wendy.
    Life continued, and as part of the flight crew with one of India’s emerging national airlines, Indian National Airways, he flew to many parts of the world and was, just incidentally, involved in one or two international incidents.
    The rule of Britain in India was coming to an end, and with Indian independence the family migrated to Australia. Ramona, his mother and the two children were first out, and Bill later. He arrived in Fremantle from Bombay on the 13th February, 1951 as a passenger on board the P&O liner SS Strathaird. His final destination was Melbourne, and there he was reunited with his family.
    With his experience as a radio officer, and specifically telegraphic and Morse code, Bill secured a position with the coastal shipping division of the Australian government’s Overseas Telecommunications Service, more commonly known as OTC. It was a lifetime occupation of more than 34 years from the 16th October, 1951.

    Another child was born, Judy, a house purchased, and then an opportunity for career advancement and a more exotic and comfortable lifestyle took the family to Rabaul in Papua New Guinea. They arrived on the 9th June, 1959.
    Bill’s tour of duty there concluded after six years. He was transferred to Sydney and settled into work at the coastal radio station, OTC, La Perouse. It was January, 1965.Two short term tours of duty, took him first to Norfolk Island, and then to Broome, Western Australia.
    Bill took early retirement on the 23rd November 1985, and together with his wife travelled around Australia as not so grey nomads, and then continued holidaying and travelling around Australia and overseas during retirement, visiting family, their many friends and relatives.
    On 2nd May, 1996, Mona and Bill moved into the third of their family homes at Bellmere, Queensland, just north of Brisbane.
    Bill remained here after his wife passed away, until illness required him to be cared for. He moved into aged care at Regis Canning Lodge, Caboolture, and remained in their care for 4 years.
    The family would like to say a special thank you to the staff at Regis and Dr. Lee for their care, kindness and support over the last 4 years that Bill was with them.
    To those who were unable to attend today, brother in law Don Penman, cousins Anne and Douglas Yin and lifetime friends, Dorothy and Hector Wong, thank you for your thoughts and prayers on the occasion of the passing of Bill Brown.

    Gerry Brown

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