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Nomination of Carnarvon for Engineering Heritage Recognition

18 Jul 17
Peter Bull
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Many thanks to Jim Harte for sharing this link that provides me with some interesting reading as I had not come across it before.

The document gives an outline of the history of the Carnarvon tracking station (AWA/NASA), and the raison d’etre for OTC Carnarvon.

It’s a nice adjunct to the information previously provided by people like Gus Berzins, the on-site engineer when the satellite comms station was built back in 66.

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  1. Peter Bull July 18, 2017 at 8:03 am

    Fascinating. I left OTC to work as AWA’s National Training Manager in 1994. But I never knew there was an AWA connection to the NASA base at Carnarvon. And of course OTC had grown out of AWA. So it was all very circular.

    David Neyle

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