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Lesley Langley – Passed Away Tuesday 30 August 2016 – Aged 61 Years

14 Oct 16
Peter Bull
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I am saddened to report to you the passing of another member of the OTC family, Lesley Langley, wife of Owen, and mother to Owen Junior and Alison

Lesley-Anne-Langley.jpg (183×480).

On the morning of her passing Owen was to fly with Lesley to Townsville to visit their new and first grandchild (Victoria Amy Langley) who was born several hours after Lesley passed away.

Lesley appears to have passed as a result of a problem with her Mitral Valve Prolapse (MVP).  With MVP, the valve(s) prolapse and blood simply stop flowing, so the passing is quick.  Some people think that when our number is up, we just want to go to bed and not wake in the morning and this is what appears to be the case with Lesley.  A peaceful way to depart, but age 61 is too early.

Owen made the decision to retire from Optus at 60 in August 2015 and is glad that he did as he and Lesley had a good 12 months together.  Had he still been working at Optus, he probably would have risen, showered and been out the door without discovering Lesley had passed away and not discovered her fate till he got home.ali_amy_owen_les_160604_04b

It must be very difficult for the family who are experiencing so much sadness interspersed with so much joy associated with the birth of Lesley & Owen’s first grandchild.

May She Rest In Peace.














Family photo – daughter Alison, daughter-in-law Amy [married to], son Owen, and Lesley on the right.  Photo taken in the Hervey Range/Qld 04/06/2016.

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