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Kamal (Kim) Ayoub

24 Aug 11
Peter Bull

Message from Vernon Yen

I spoke Kim today and he is in poor health suffering from Parkinsons. He has a slight problem with his speech for which he is undergoing therapy. Kim has asked that I pass on his fond regards to all his ex OTC colleagues.

As he is a bit low at the moment, I am sure he would greatly appreciate a call from a few of his friends and colleagues.

Kim’s contact details are as follows:
Home Address- 128 Castleton Crs., Gowrie, ACT 2904
Telephone 02 6291 6099.


  1. Peter Bull August 24, 2011 at 10:19 am

    Message from Len Wylde
    I talked with Kamal (Kimbo as I used to call him) for about 15 mins. and he respond to my call growing in animation and with happy recollections of past good times and colleagues.

    As has always been his manner, he was courteously grateful for the call and extracted from me the promise that I visit with him if and when I next went to Canberra.

    His wife, Hyatt (?) was also quite happy and excited to receive my call.

    Their son, now 21, is going to University studying to be a doctor.

  2. Peter Bull August 26, 2011 at 9:38 am

    Brian Callaghan also talked to Kim and considered it a worthwhile experience and one that he also felt Kim greatly enjoyed and appreciated.

  3. Peter Bull November 28, 2011 at 4:38 pm

    Message from Gerard Lanzarone:

    You will be pleased to know that Josette and I visited Kamal Ayoub last week and spent a very enjoyable time with Kamal, Heyat his wife and Sam their son. Their hospitality as always was wonderful and we greatly enjoyed their company. While we were with Kamal, we had a phone call from Vernon Yen and the three of us had an equally enjoyable conversation over the phone.

    Kamal remembers with fondness his time at OTC and the many friendships he built over the years. OTC as we all know has been a large part of his life, a part he treasures very much. I would urge anyone who has had a close association with Kamal to renew it from time to time, I know he would appreciate a phone call from his old friends.

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