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Fanning Island – Latest News from Rich Smith Via John Hibbard

13 Jun 12
Peter Bull
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Hoping all is well with you.

Some exciting developments have been taking place for Fanning Island. I am wanting to get you updated since we last met, communicated and/or traveled on the cruise ships. I have been consolidating all the business cards and contact information given to me from everyone who desired to know more or keep updated as to how things are for Fanning Island. This is why you received this email. If you desire to not be on this email list please let me know and I will remove your address.


The recent April Holland America Volendam cruise-ship that I traveled on was really a special one. Over ten boxes of supplies donated by the passengers and ship were collected and delivered to the Island council. Since 2003, so many other supplies have also been received and delivered with the help of the cruise-ships. I again want to thank those of you who have helped in some way. The people on Fanning so appreciate your compassion and Love.


A recent Volendam sailing was one not to be forgotten. An elderly lady from Australia was also on the ship and she had been born and raised on Fanning till she was 18 yrs. old. While on the ship as it returned to Vancouver BC, a special Good Morning Volendam interview/slide show presentation was allowed and she was able to tell her story of life on Fanning while being the daughter of the coconut plantation manager. It was such a great event.This video can now be seen at this address:


If you want to see other information and recent updates please visit the Pacific CARE Missions website: . There are some great write-ups and picturesof what has happened on the recent cruises.

Until we can sail and hopefully meet again,


Director Pacific CARE Missions


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