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ExOTC Southside Catch-up

19 Feb 20
Martyn Greg
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Southern Sydney Vets Gathering

Southern Sydney Veterans and former OTC staff have been meeting regularly for over 2 years.

The origin of these Southside Catch-ups can be traced back to the Fuel Crises of the 1970’s when many of the staff at OTC’s Paddington terminal living south of Sydney used to car pool as their rosters permitted. The old cry just after 11 pm was “South Carpool about to leave” as the late leavers would rush to get home.

Venue and time

The Catch-Ups are held on the third Thursday of each month at The Carss Park Cafe in Carss Bush Park near Carwar Ave Carss Park. Carss Park is an idyllic location for a coffee and cake on any Thursday morning.

The get togethers are at 9:30 am with coffee or tea and many Vets having brunch of a muffin or Bacon and Egg Roll. Brunch usually lasts about 90 minutes.

Former OTC staff from the area and visitors are welcome to attend.
More info from Greg Martyn.

L – R; Peter, Gary, Robin, Robert, Lindsay, Vince, Greg, Denis, Greg, Ed, Bill, Ray, Brian [Photo Greg Martyn]

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