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Evelyn White – Passed Tuesday 15 September 2020 – Aged 89 years young

18 Sep 20
Peter Bull

Allan Hennessy has passed on the sad news of the passing of Evelyn White, wife of Bernie White.

Although I had met Evelyn on half a dozen occasions prior to Bernie’s funeral I did not know her very well. She was a lovely lady who made everyone feel welcome and spoke kindly of all of the ex-OTC people that she had met over the years. She had a piano in their small apartment in the retirement village in Bankstown where they had lived prior to Bernie’s health problems pre 2017. I don’t think that she had been able to play it for several years when I saw it due to her arthritis but it sparked many pleasant memories for her (any maybe even for Bernie)

If any of you have a greater insight into Evelyn and her life and would like to provide a Tribute to her which can be shared with our wider membership please email it to be and I will use it in my emails and/or on the OTVA web site. I would like to give members an insight into the woman behind the man.

Bernie and Evelyn had been living with their son, Laurie and his wife, Noelene, for some time prior to Bernie’s passing in June 2017. Evelyn was still living with Laurie and his wife at the time of her death.

Bernie had been a great contributor to and supporter of the OTVA for many years and Evelyn was his greatest supporter. Evelyn was a lovely lady who will be sorely missed by her family and friends.

Evelyn must have missed Bernie terribly after his passing as they had been together for such a long time – life partners!

May She Rest In Peace


  1. Peter Bull September 18, 2020 at 3:13 pm

    Very sad news, I had met Evelyn once or twice during the years in OTC at various social functions.

    Bernie and Evelyn were both a lovely couple to know, and indeed very friendly.

    I knew Bernie very well, and he was a great fellow worker in the Finance/ Accounts Branch in OTC.

    May, Evelyn RIP.

    Best regards.
    Tony Farrugia

  2. Peter Bull September 18, 2020 at 3:15 pm

    I worked for a week as a trainee with Bernie in 1968 & was his first trainee. He was the trusted clerk who opened every letter addressed to OTC. In a large ledger he then wrote in separate columns date received, sender, receiver & briefly the topic subject. Sometimes he had to start reading the letter to work this out. The reason for the ledger was if there was any complaint about correspondence not being answered he could track back & see if we received it. This was for inward mail only. We then sorted the letters into the various floors & hand delivered them into their intrays.

    As a trainee we were happy to be sent anywhere just to be given something to do. Our training officer Ray Baty was always trying to find new places to put us while we were on field training. I even did one session in the drawing office & was the first to do so. Another time we were sent down to the old Telegraph Training school in York Street to learn to type at 20 wpm.

    Neil Yakalis

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