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Carnarvon – Opening of Space Museum – Buzz Aldrin Visit

25 Jun 12
Peter Bull
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From Bob Shoemark:

G’day Peter The email below mentions that the OTC dishes at Carnarvon were being identified as NASA dishes with the recent visit of Buzz Aldrin to Carnarvon. OTC is becoming bigger than life.

Cheers, Bob

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From: Colin Mackellar []

Sent: Saturday, 23 June 2012 4:09 PM

To: Honeysuckle

Subject: Buzz in Carnarvon

 Saturday, 23 June 2012

 Dear Honeysuckle and Carnarvon friends,

 My apologies for an additional e-mail, but you might be interested to see some footage from Buzz Aldrin’s visit to Carnarvon for today’s opening of the space museum.

 Ken McKay from <> in Perth has put together a montage of news footage shown last night in Perth.


  (We won’t mention the fact that the OTC 42 and 90 foot antennae are

sometimes identified as the NASA antenna. or a few other inaccuracies… 😉

 I think that’s Frank Vinton at 1’55 and Paul Dench is seen momentarily at 2’12”.

 Ken has also put together this feature on WA’s role.


 and Terry Kierans appears at 9’02”, and there’s one of Tom Sheehan’s photos of the FPQ6 at 9’16. 🙂 with best wishes


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