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Applecross Centenary Celebrations — By Brian Woods

17 Oct 12
Peter Bull
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Hi Peter/Neil…


Attached is the catalogue of events, anniversary day, which I neglected to enclose with material already posted….Probably one of the most important items, but ah well, it happens…..


Can’t add much except to say it was a bright sunshiney day and all present enjoyed themselves…Got nowhere with the speeches as couldn’t really hear what was being said as PA equip not up to the job…(Couldn’t get close enough for a better listen and for that matter, couldn’t really see the speakers…)

In my case, the speechmaking, or possibility of, reminded me of one of the late Ray Baty classics, “I brought my violin, but nobody asked me to play” Ha……The mayor had to skip off early as his daughter was being married that very afternoon however did manage hear him mention that Eastern States people were in attendance.

Caught up with Kevan Bourke, Ron Cocker, Des Kinnersley and wife, Ronni Keane (age 90, but looks 70!) and Doreen Hanson.


The event coincided with the Perth Show and School holidays so everything in Perth tuned for maximum…2.3Km Taxi ride just under $15 however perhaps we pay that sort of money here, these days…


Re the DVD and Pix…..Pix of Cottage 4 overdone but lived in that one from 1951 to 1959 so got a little carried away…



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