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Allan McPherson-ex Accounts Branch

18 Feb 10
Peter Bull
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I left OTC in 1989 after 20 years service. I had only one job before at the Sydney Water Board for 2 years after leaving school in 1967. Since my redundancy (one of the first) I worked for Boral, BT, had my own business(a sandwich shop in Blacktown) and in the Club industry as 2IC at Toongabbie Bowling Club in western Sydney. I retired in 2008 at aged 58+. My time with OTC was the best and most rewarding years of my life. The friendships I made during those years are current today as I still maintain close relationships with many of the blokes I worked(and played) with during my career at OTC. The purpose of this blog is to say that I still regularly check the OTVA website(even though I have not renewed my membership for a couple of years) and show interest in the stories and experiences that many veterans share via this site. I was for some time, along with my long time mate, Mick Wilden, Paymaster at OTC. I have a good memory for the names on the payroll in the 1970 and 80\’s and look with sorrow the number of great employees that have passed in the last couple of years. Remember when we still payed everyone by cash! I was sent out in the paywagon to Bringelly, Doonside, Paddo, Broadway, Marrickville and to the Nth Sydney Tech and DCA Waverton to pay the trainee techs. That\’s why I remember so many names-many I came to know in person via Social Club Happy Hours(what great nights) and Wagga Wagga cricket weekends(stories for another edition). I was drawn to the keyboard tonight after seeing the vale for a great OTC family member,Gordon Turner who passed away in December-I\’m sorry I was not aware of his passing before now. I did not see Gordons age at passing but he must have been in his late 80\’s. He was Eric Cockle\’s brother-in-law(remember Eric-he was the Senior Accountant for most of his working life in OTC)-a great bloke who is still with us and living in his home in Blaxland NSW. Gordon worked in General Accounts for most of his life in OTC reaching sub accountant level maintaining the Assets and Work in Progress registers most stringently. He was nicknamed \”Errol\”, presumably because of the pace he did things. You should of seen him devour a meat pie for morning tea. Gordon was a gentleman. He did not have a harsh word toward any of his staff and I can say that everyone that knew Gordon was a friend. He came into contact with all professions in OTC and I\’m sure many of the Engineering staff will remember him fondly. I find it very sad at times when I see the vales posted on the website but I always visualise the good times we all had at OTC. As I now have more time on my hands since retirement I trust I can make it to the next reunion. Regards-Allan McPherson-ex Accounts Branch


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