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OTC Technical Training School – 20 Year Reunion – Saturday 11 October 2014

13 Oct 14
Peter Bull
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The 20 Year Reunion of the OTC Technical Training School was held on Saturday. It was a great day!

Final attendees –

Roman R M Targonski

Gwen Schofield

John C O’Shannassy ( Sick as a dog, from food poisoning. Get well soon.! )

John Merino

Bob Emanuel

Brad Albeck ( Still celebrating the NRL Rabbitos historic win )

Maureen E Lees

John S J Barker

Peter Pukk

Phil G M Psaila

Vince R Donoghue and Gail

Dave Stimson

Bernie Generoso

Peter Chevchek

By the time we got our act together, for the group photo, many folk’s had unfortunately departed.!

Attached photo – Phil Psaila, John Merino ( NBN ), Bernie Generoso, Maureen, Roman Targonski and John Barker.

OTTS Reunion October 2014


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