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Willam Hector Blemmings – ex SOR – Aged 89 Years

14 Jul 14
Peter Bull
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I have just received the sad news of the passing of “Bill” Blemings who passed away peacefully on 6th July 2014. I was advised, tonight, by his wife, Wendy.

Bill will be remembered by those of us who worked at Central Operating Room, 47 York St., and at Sydney Operating Room, Spring St. during the 1947-Mid 50’s era as a telegraphist.

Bill, who became a very successful businessman after departing the “old Salt Mines” in the 50’s, would have been 89 years of age on 29th July. There will be, no doubt, some of us still around who knew Bill  and his dad before him, Jim.

Sorry to be the bearer of this sad news.

Trevor Thatcher

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  1. Peter Bull July 25, 2014 at 3:33 pm

    From Denis Chambers:

    As a note of interest about Hec Blemings, when he finished his stint at OTC in the Melbourne Operating Room, he got a transfer from Sydney as he had an idea to open a business in Melbourne which he did and persuaded Sydney to transfer him. Regards

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