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Visit to FM Radio Station 2RRR – Ray Volpatti’s Last Hoorah – 8 April 2016

13 Apr 16
Peter Bull
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Neil Yakalis organised this tour and the pictures prove it. The group ended the day by heading off to Gladesville RSL for lunch and a few drinks that lasted another 2 hours.

Attendees were: L to R: Ian Thomas, Bob Askew, Ian MacDonald, Neil Yakalis, Wendy Volpatti, John Eades, Laurie McIlree, Greg Martyn, Ray Dowsett (friend of Neil), Ray Alford, Ross Beaumont

The Tourists


Ray Alford and Laurie McIlree get the feel for what Ray might have experienced sitting in front of his radio panel.

Laurie McIlree and Ray Alford Experience the Feeling that Ray Volpatti Did


Ray Alford and Laurie McIlree check out the electronics associated with Ray’s equipment

Laurie McIlree and Ray Alford Inspect the Panel and its Electronics


Laurie McIlree checks out the radio station transmitting equipment

Laurie McIlree Inspects the Equipment

























Laurie McIlree listens intently as Ray Alford comments about Ray Volpatti

Laurie McIlree


Ray Alford and Laurie McIlree deep in thought

Ray Alford and Laurie McIlree


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  1. nyakalis April 13, 2016 at 10:34 pm

    Tune in & hear Ray’s tribute this Friday 15th April 2016. Sabina’s 2RRR show, Jazz and Beyond, happens on 88.5 FM Fridays, midday till 2pm. The tribute recordings we did on 8-4-2016 will be aired from 1:30pm onwards. 2RRR can be heard anywhere using an Android or Apple App.

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