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Vijay Singh – May He Rest In Peace

02 Jul 12
Peter Bull
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From Vernon Yen to Roly Ayo:


We lost Vijay at about 1300 today 29th June 2012.      

He and his wife were on a trip to the U.S. visiting family and friends when he fell ill about a week after his arrival and was hospitalised in San Francisco for approx. 3 weeks.

Apparently he had a congestive cardiac condition which caused fluid to build up in his lungs and thereby unable to maintain his oxygen level.       I had been in regular contact

over the period but it was obvious that he was not improving.

His 2 children left for San Francisco today but sadly they would probably arrive a bit late.      As to be expected I don’t have any further details as yet but will update you when

I receive further info.

Grateful if you would pass this onto all his colleagues.

Many Thanks and Kind Regards


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