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  1. Peter Bull December 19, 2012 at 9:58 am

    From Allan Hennessy & Bernie White:
    Des Woods 23/2/1922 to 15/12/2012.
    Des began working for AWA at the age of 14 years, when he joined the Beam Wireless Service as a messenger on 6th February, 1936, under the supervision of Pat D’Arcy. The company then trained Des as a touch typist and on his completion of the course he was appointed as Invoice Typist at AWA’s acceptance counter in York Street. In this position he would have been under the control of such people as Arthur Wells, Mary Casey and Mr Bannister. During his early years with AWA he served in the accounts department, under Jack Hanson, Coastal Radio under Knobby Clarke and was a regular ‘visitor’ to the Sydney Operating Room for shift work duties.
    Similar to other AWA ‘trainees’ at the time Des completed his 2nd and 1st Class Certificates of Wireless Proficiency in 1943.
    During the war years Des spent his time on shift duties in the SOR changing shifts and hobnobbing with such other chaps as Gordon Cupit, Harry Stone, John Hector, John Radnidge, Ron Waugh, Jim Pow, Arthur Purtell, Wilf O’Donnell, Tony Ebert, Bernie White and other SOR staffers. Des enjoyed life in the SOR where such characters as Harry Stone, Johnny Hector and other motor-bike enthusiasts performed marvelous feats in the back lane at AWA York Street. Alike all other operators in AWA, Des transferred to the OTC when the big takeover occurred. Des remained in the service as a telegraphist until 1957 when he took long service leave.
    Following his return from leave Des was appointed to the Accounts Branch until 1960 when he was transferred to Fanning Island as Clerk/Accountant and assistant to the Manager, Dudley Treliving. Upon return to Australia Des was appointed to the Administration Branch of OTC where he occupied various positions in Admin before finally being appointed to Manager, Supply. From this position Des was transferred to Manager Properties for a short-time before returning to his old position as Manager Supply, a position he held until his retirement in April, 1982.
    Des was a very likeable chap who was always willing to help in any way he could and many is the time he was on hand dealing out the ‘goodies’ from the bar at the OTC veterans meetings in OTC’s Martin Place offices. He was very popular and was a cheery and happy adjunct to the other ‘bar-tenders’, Stratchy Thatcher and Joe Collister as they served good cheer to members at those gatherings. Like many other ‘Silent Keys’ Des will be sadly missed and we wish to express our sympathy to his family at this sad time.

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