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Vale – Ian Reed, Melbourne.

08 Sep 11
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As best as I can recall, it was probably during the mid 70’s when Ian & I first came to know one another.
We had both emerged from OTC’s operational businesses of the 60’s & 70’s – the somewhat notorious Sydney & Melbourne Operating Rooms & international Telex Exchange at Paddington –  to find new & markedly more challenging activities in OTC’s new world Commercial (later Marketing) Branch.
In addition to our past operational background, both of us were recently married in those days & had growing young families as a further common link between us.
When Ian first came to Sydney for initial training & experience, Ian stayed at our house.  He was good company, & like me, enjoyed the odd ale or two or three or more (nothing’s changed..)
Ian had an easy going, cheery outlook on life that stood him in good stead with his new role within OTC.  He made a significant contribution to the Companies sales & marketing activities, especially among customers in Victoria & South Australia during those heady pioneering days when “Maltby’s Marauders” broke new ground.  The former ‘engineering focus’ of the company shifted rapidly in favour of the new customer focused organisation under the drive & direction by George Maltby.  
Challenging times & good memories of a quality organisation with dedicated people.
My personal thoughts & respects to Ian’s wife, Janet & immediate family in memory of Ian’s sudden passing.
Jim Simpson, Sydney

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