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Slide Rules

30 May 12
Peter Bull
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The following contribution from Tom Barker elaborates on the slide rule that was developed in Australia after WWII with the assistance of  Joe Reed:



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  1. Peter Bull June 1, 2012 at 10:05 am

    From Henry Cranfield

    Joe Reed worked for OTC when I first started, and was always known for making things as his job was his hobby. When I was working at AWA for OTC testing transmitters for the CRS (CTHP 5J 500 watt and 1L which had 1KW output) Cec Wing Lee, the AWA engineer, had a Slide rule he used all the time which he said was a “Joe Reed” job. You could calculate reactance, resonance and all manner of RF and audio requirements using it. Things you remember? Ray Hookway may remember him using it??
    This type of article is interesting to us tech types but has a wider appeal in that he worked with us?

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