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Ray Thompson (Engineering Branch) – In Concord Hospital – 5 June 2018

08 Jun 18
Peter Bull
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From John Marosszeky:

I just wanted to share with other OTC Vets the unfortunate news that Ray Thompson (OTC Engineering) is in Concord Hospital with a broken back.

Ray & I both live in the suburb of Glen Alpine and occasionally bump into each other for a chat.

I hadn’t seen him for some weeks until last week when I visited him in hospital after his wife Elizabeth told me that Ray had a fall some 12 weeks ago and had been stuck at home for 10 weeks in agony due to a misdiagnosis by his local GP. As he wasn’t improving they sought a second opinion which resulted in an MRI which found Ray had broken a vertebrae and bone was poking into his spinal cord.  He will undergo major surgery, however, in the meantime he is under strict orders to remain flat on his back in hospital.

I am hoping you can let other Vets know in the hope that maybe some who live in the Concord area remember Ray and might visit him in hospital. As you can imagine Ray’s  predicament is pleasant and friendly face and conversation, particularly about good old OTC days, would be a great tonic for him.

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