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Phillip Sindel – Passed Away 15 September 2021 – Aged 74 years

27 Sep 21
Peter Bull


Among his many achievements Phil’s LinkedIn profile (provided by Greg Sachs) states that he is a Distinguished Life Member of the Association of Professional Engineers, Australia.

Phillip is regularly retained by business brokers to write Information Memoranda promoting the sale of small and medium enterprises. Engaged by two national broker groups, he has documented over 2,000 businesses for sale, with market values up to $4,000,000.

The industries covered are extremely diverse, extending from IT Applications, to manufacturing, transport, business services, child care and all aspects of hospitality.

Phillip is flexible in the nature, size and duration of projects. Phillip creates attractive fact-focussed concise business documents, plans and reports, which integrate business strategy with information technology, engineering, law and accountancy as required.

His background is in Management, Engineering & IT roles, for 28 years, in the International Telecommunications Industry. Phillip also has a strong background in the not-for-profit sector and labour law.


Wallace Donald has also provided the below Tribute to Phil:

In the mid 1970’s I became a Member of the NSW Committee of the APEA. The aim was to further the Industrial strength of the Commonwealth Govt employees versus the control of the NSW Branch of the APEA exerted by Committee Members from the NSW Electricity Commission. After about 3 years I found that I needed to step aside for personal reasons. I searched high and low in OTC for a suitable replacement and eventually I passed on my Committee Membership to Phillip. He entered the fray as  a somewhat novice politician, but obviously went from strength to strength over time. He had found his best fit slot in life! Both Philip and I had wins by joining the APEA Committee.


  1. Peter Bull September 27, 2021 at 12:48 pm

    I worked for Phil as part of the Data gateway (X 25) project in 1980-81. John Mattes was the Eng 5, Phil the Eng 4, Wal Donald the 3 and I was one of the E2’s.

    We had received responses to the first stage tenders and I accompanied Phil on an around the world trip to visit each of the Tenderers do some assessment and encourage them to put in solid bids to the second stage tenders. Phil was always very professional and knew the technical parts very well. He also spent about 6 months in Japan on the ill-fated NEC Telex exchange project to close it down and that local knowledge was very useful when we visited Tokyo for the Data gateway…

    Phil managed to keep a clear balance between his OTC work and the APEA. He always encouraged others about a ‘well organized office’ and tried to set that example.
    Vale Phil.

    Lex Vipond

  2. Peter Bull September 28, 2021 at 9:44 am

    I worked with Phil in the early/mid 1970’s, when Phil was the resident expert on the AKE exchange. He was held in great respect for the breadth and depth of his expertise, but most of all I remember his modesty and humility.

    I was never embarrassed to approach him with what seemed to me to be a very dumb question. I learned a lot from Phil, and not just about the AKE exchange, I learned valuable life lessons about dealing respectfully with others.

    The world is a better place for his being part of it.

    Steve Corrigan

  3. Peter Bull October 5, 2021 at 11:29 am

    Phillip was only 74 far too young.

    He retained a love of all things engineering throughout his life.

    I just found a large box of educational kits he purchased for high school students he coached in maths and science. Build your own magnet, engine etc.

    When Phillip was 10 he had a tall pole in our backyard and a crystal radio, he loved the world of electronics and engineering.

    While working with OTC he was sent to Mexico and Tokyo for 6 months each as well as a couple of trips to Geneva.

    Janine Buchan (Phil’s sister)

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