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Paul Crowe – Passed Away Saturday 5 June 2021 – Aged 74 years

08 Jun 21
Peter Bull
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Dave Izatt advised that Paul Crowe passed away from pneumonia on Saturday 5 June 2021 @ 3:30pm in Calvary Hospital.

He is survived by his wife Jenny, their three sons and their families. Paul and Jenny were married for 48 years so he will be greatly missed.

Dave met Paul in the early 1990’s when he joined the OTC International Finance Department. He said that his job was to count “beans” and well all needed  to work hard so that there were Plenty of beans to count. As he lived in the shire he acquired the nickname, “shire man”.  He was also a music buff and labelled the fax room world map with some unique places. The one place that Dave can remember was Lubbock, Texas, which he was to learn was the birthplace of Buddy Holly.

The above photo is  related to the Cronulla Polar Bears swimming club of which Paul was a member from 1992 until his passing. He was  the brains trust behind the Green Slugs relay team.

To honour his outstanding involvement with the Bears, the Paul ‘Supercoach’ Crowe Shield will be awarded to the relay team closest to their nominated time.

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  1. Peter Bull June 9, 2021 at 6:13 pm

    That is sad news and very hard to believe

    Paul joined us in the OTC International after working in the management reporting area. He was certainly a keen bean counter.

    I recall having long discussions with Paul, in finance, accounting and systems.

    He was a fun guy to have around in OTCI.

    He was a very keen “Sharks” supporter if I recall, so there was always plenty of talk about that, during the morning teas!

    Tony Farrugia

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