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OTVA Membership

10 Oct 11
Peter Bull
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Membership of the Overseas Telecommunications Veterans Association (OTVA) is open to anyone who has an interest in the history of communications in Australia.

The cost to becoming a member is $10 through an annual subscription fee for which the members can gain access to the OTVA Newsletter which is distributed every 4 months. The newsletter contains interesting stories submitted by members recalling their years working for OTC and other industry bodies such as Telecom Australia, PMG, AWA, etc.

Members can also have access to OTVA Newsletters that reach back to the first issue in 1972.

Members have a social gathering every 3 months at the Bowlers Club located at 95-97 York Street in Sydney at which there are always very interesting stories about those ‘good old days’ in telecommunications which generally relates to the era in Australia between 1960 & 1990.

Anyone who is interested in becoming a member should email who will reply with the banking details to enable an electronic funds transfer and/or the postal address for the mailing of cheques for the payment of the annual subscription fee.

Any questions about the OTVA or its membership should be emailed to

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