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OTVA AGM June 2012

12 Jul 12
Peter Bull
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Meeting held at NSW Bowler’s Club on Friday 15 June 2012, at 11:40am

Members present:              Ernie Anthoney,   Tom  Barker,   Tony  Bradney,  Robert Brand,  Peter  Bull,  Denis Carroll,  Joe Collister,   Henry Cranfield,   Brian Curran,  John Currie,  Alex Ebert,   Bob  Emanuel,  Allan Hennessy, Jeff Hinwood ,John Hodgson,  Ray Hookway,  Bill Jolly,  Colin Kelly,  Terry Laundry,  Ron  Lukin,  John McDermott, Allan McPherson, Ted Miles,  Don Montgomerie,  Kevin O’brien,  Maurie O’connor, Trevor  Pike, Martin Ratia,  David Richardson,  Peter  Roberts,  Jim Simpson,  Cyril Vahtrick,  Dean Veverka, Bernie White, Will Whyte, Mick Wilden, Neil Yakalis


Alan & Betty Durham, Arthur Major, Ben McGee, Bob (RJ) Taylor, Bob Dentskevich, Bob Lions, Bob Pearson, Brian Brennan, Brian Calder, Brian Collath, Brian Hoschke, Brian Woods, Brian Tudehope, Chris McMahon, Chris Vonwiller, Col Jones, Col Maiden, Dave Stimson, Dennis Grant, Doug Temperley, Don Withers, Frank Richter, Fred Kannard, Garry Hausfeld, Ghiath Khalil, Greg Waller, Herman Willemsen, Jeff Bultitude, John Burdinat, John Eades, John Hughes, John Nematalla, Kay Varlow, John Taylor, Keith McCredden, Kevan Bourke, Kim Hopkins, Mick Quinlan, Owen Langley, Paul Black, Paul Cope, Paul Crowe, Paul McCann, Peter Grove, Peter Burgess, Peter Hitchener, Peter Trebeck, Peter Tuckwell, Peter Whisson, Ray Volpatti, Rob , McAulay, Robert Manning, Ross Craig, Steve Marshall, Ted Bastow, Tony Lowther, Tony Stuart, Trevor Thatcher.

Period of silence:               One minutes silence was held to remember those members who have passed away

Welcome:                             The president welcomed those present

Presidents report:              Welcome all to the 2012 Annual General Meeting for the Overseas Telecommunications Veterans Association.  I thank my fellow Committee members for their selfless dedication and energy that they demonstrated over the last 12 months and I congratulate them on the team’s achievements in 2011-12 which are:

  1. The operation of the OTVA Newsletter to provide readers with interesting and topical stories that rekindle our memory and imagination despite the poor health of our Editor for a good part of the year. Thankfully his health appears to have improved now that he has found a good specialist.
  2. The more efficient and effective methods employed in communicating with our members and the distribution of the OTVA Newsletter.
  3. The ongoing use of email and the OTVA web site to provide members with greater access to communications with each other and access to information & stories considered relevant to continuing to tell the story of OTC and the history of telecommunications in Australia; and.
  4. The support that they provide to each other in performing the duties for which they are charged and the tasks for which they volunteer. This has been most noticeable in the transition to our new treasurer but is also evident in:
  • the organisation of the regular social events at which our members celebrate the camaraderie of the OTC family; and
  • the continuing cataloguing of OTC memorabilia stored in the Telstra Museum at Bankstown.

Once again the membership of the OTVA fluctuated in 2010/11 with the passing of several of our members and its extended family and the introduction of several new members.

I thank you the membership of the OTVA for the support that you have given to me and the other members of the OTVA Committee over the past 12 months.   Your support & encouragement is vital to keeping the OTVA active and relevant in today’s hectic life style.

Minutes:                                The minutes of the last Annual General Meeting were read and adopted.                                           

Matters arising:                  There were no matters arising         

Life members:                    There were no nominations for new life members

Treasurer’s report:           Alex Ebert presented the treasurers report.

The auditors advised that the accounts look OK but they are not ready to sign off yet.

The report was moved by Bill Jolly, seconded by Bob Emmanuel and carried.

The meeting endorsed a motion of thanks to Alex for his work with applause.

Election of officers:          Henry Cranfield took the chair and after declaring all positions vacant, conducted the election of office bearers.

President:                              Peter Bull                                           Moved: Dean Veverka       Seconded: Allan Henessey

Vice president:                     Henry Cranfield                             Moved: Bob Emmanuel    Seconded: Tom Barker

Secretary:                              Will Whyte                                        Moved: Henry Cranfield   Seconded: Allan Henessey

Treasurer:                              Alex Ebert                                        Moved: Tom Barker           Seconded: Martin Ratia

Auditors:                               Ken Theaker & Tony Farugia      Moved: Tom Barker           Seconded: Bob Emmanuel

Committee:                          Bob Emmanel, Allan Hennessey, Ray Hookway, Colin Kelly, Kevin O’Brien, David Richardson, Bernie White

All positions were elected unopposed.            

Incoming presidents address:         Thank you for electing me to the position of President of the OTVA once again.  In accepting the presidency I recognise that your support is a reflection of the excellent work performed by your Committee over the past 12 months.

I congratulate the other members who have been nominated and accepted positions on the Executive for year 2010/11. I look forward to working with them to respond to the challenges that will confront us in the next 12 months in our task of delivering positive outcomes for the membership of the OTVA.

In the next 12 months the Executive will continue to improve the flow of information to you and we will continue to seek your input in relation to what things you want to see as benefits from being members of the OTVA.

In that regard we have embarked on a project to scan all of the Contact & Transit magazines. We have been lucky enough to obtain the support of Kevin O’Brien to process the scanned images into optimised file sizes suitable for burning to a single DVD as well as building an indexing capability that will enable readers to search for specific keywords. It is the intention of your Committee to make them available to members of the OTVA at a nominal or no cost.

We are also looking at a similar project associated with the OTC Annual reports for which we are seeking your endorsement today.

Once again we, your Committee, will seek your advice on how you want the OTVA to develop and grow over the next few years. A critical ingredient in this task is your input so please think about it and write or email your thoughts with respect to that challenge.

Once again thank you for this opportunity to serve you, the membership of the OTVA, to continue to make the OTVA a worthwhile and relevant part of your lives.

Contact & Transit magazines:       The president reported that a project to digitize old Contact & Transit magazines was well underway.  He, Kevin O’Brien and Allan Hennessey had been gathering, scanning, converting and cross referencing the magazines and hoped to complete the project by the end of the year.  There is still a significant number of issues that need to be sourced from members. Joe Collister advised that he has some issues from 1947.  They will be collected and processed soon.

Future of the OTVA:                         Tom Barker opened the discussion on future plans for our association with a comment to the effect that the association “will last for as long as you blokes want it to.”

Bernie White advised that while a budget has been prepared to fund the association for 5 years without further subscriptions, collection of further subscriptions provided incentive and indicative value to carry on.

The issue of attracting more and younger members was openly debated and motion was proposed by Robert Brand to ‘Provide the first year’s complementary membership for new members”.  Seconded Bob Emmanuel and passed unanimously.

Event coordinator:                            Neil Yakalis spoke about establishing an outings group touring the greater Sydney area during mid week and relying on public transport.  The outings would always be near by a good place for lunch.  The first outing was proposed to be to the Tram Museum where Bill Jolly volunteers.

Catering options:                               The meeting agreed that our Christmas reunion should have the same catering and format as last year.  The club’s Red Room was satisfactory for the spring and autumn reunions 

General Business:                              The meeting was advised of the Carnarvon Museum opening function to be held during the following week.  There were a few people travelling to attend

Meeting closed:                                   The meeting closed at 1pm

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