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OTV (WA) AGM – 20 November 2018

11 Dec 18
Peter Bull
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The West Australian branch of OTC veterans held their 44th AGM on the  20th of November 2018. President Rod Pernich welcomed 27 fellow WA Veterans; Andrew Shaw, Andy Hemus, Brett Driscoll, Bruce Weber, Colin Benporath, David Dean, David Benzie, Denham Dunstall, Des Kinnersley, Don Charles, Ian Briggs, Jim Keenan, Joe Edgecombe, Keith Darwin, Kevan Bourke, Kevin Hills, Mike Cadd, Neil Smith, Paul Phipps, Peter Forrester, Peter Lalor, Reg Jones, Rolly Morin, Ted Wraight, Tom McKnight, Tony Belts and Asokan Nallasivam.

Apologies for absence had been received from Jim Congdon, Bill Dunn, Ray Parkinson, Ken True, Les Bateman, Bob Smallwood, Gerry Tacey, Andrew Monka, Tore Boe, Leif Akslen, Mark Roberts, Bill Comerford, Gavin Kerr, Bernie Clark, Martin Cavanagh, Mark Brockman, Graham Watts, Kommer Springvloed, Wal Perryman, Matt Saunders, Geoffrey Goddard, Tim Dalton, Cliff Wilkinson, Bill Kay, Neil Atwell, Mal Kerwin, Barry Whittle and Leon Jurgielan who were unable to attend the meeting.

One minute’s silence was held for the Veterans who had passed away in the period since the last AGM, the formal part of the meeting was held and Denham Dunstall gave a presentation on the current status of the Carnarvon Space and Technology Museum. The 2019 meeting will be held on Tuesday the 19th of November.

Photos courtesy of Mike Cadd & Kevan Bourke.

Andrew Shaw, Mike Cadd & Tony Belts

Andy Hemus & David Benzie


Brett Driscoll & Bruce Weber

Brett Driscoll & Joe Edgecombe

Colin Benporath & Kevan Bourke

Colin Benporath, Kevan Bourke & Jim Keenan

Des Kinnersley, Kevin Hills & Andrew Shaw

Don Charles. Asokan Nallisivam in background.

Keith Darwin & Asokan Nallisivam

Keith Darwin, Des Kinnersley & Kevin Hills

Neil Smith & Joe Edgecombe. Peter Forrester in background.

Paul Phipps & Andy Hemus

Peter Forrester & Ted Wraight

Peter Lalor & Jim Keenan

Reg Jones & Don Charles

Rod Pernich & Jim Keenan. Dave Dean & Denham Dunstall in background.

Rod Pernich & Keith Darwin

Rod Pernich, Jim Keenan & Des Kinnersley

Rod Pernich, Jim Keenan & Des Kinnersley. Joe Edgecombe in background.

Tom McKnight & Roly Morin

Tony Belts & Neil Smith

Meeting underway

Dave Dean & Denham Dunstall





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