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Noel Chapman – Passed Away Early 2019

25 Jun 19
Peter Bull
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Keith McCredden advised at the June AGM that he had received a call from Noel’s wife that he had passed away early in 2019.

Noel started working for OTC in 1955 as a Traffic Assistant after coming to Sydney from Armidale NSW.

He underwent telegraphist training just before the 1956 Olympics and this was where he learned Morse Code.

He spent time working in Spring Street and on Fanning Island, Norfolk Island and Cocos Island before finishing up at Paddington & Broadway as an INTLX operator where he provided training to operators on the Hasler Telex exchange.

Noel was a keen cricketer and featured often in Transit articles detailing his successes as a batsman.

The below photo is from the September 1972 edition of Transit shows Noel alongside Keith McCredden and others.





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