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Memories of Bringelly

20 Mar 14
Peter Bull
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From Joan Warby Cassin:

Today on my way out to Bents Basin with the kids I stumbled upon a familiar site, the distinctive OTC Gate Monument which made me realise that I was driving past OTC Bringelly.

I was instantly transported back to my early years (maybe I was 10) where I remember going to the Xmas party or fireworks night out there. I lived at OTC Doonside and I loved the Bringelly site as I think they had a pool there. I had a smile on my face from ear to ear while telling my kids (kids aged 11 and 14yrs – I am now 35yrs) all about the memories and what us OTC kids got to experience growing up, the freedoms of open spaces, the “gated” community, cattle grids (had to explain those), bonfire/cracker night, the feeling of being at home even though you were at another site, all of it was magical.

Takes me back, and when I look at the semi-ghostly site now, I see past the long grass and empty land, and I can still see it for what it was in the hey day, same with the Doonside site, forever the same in my heart and the way I look on the properties…….

Site Entrance Distant View





















Front Gate Side View

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