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The Opening of the OTC’s Second International Communications Terminal at Broadway – February 21 1974

04 Apr 17
Peter Bull
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Sandra Smith (nee Beatson) was going through her old photos and came across several that she though might be of interest to ex-OTC personnel.

This photo depicts the Whitlams being introduced to Board members at the official event celebrating the Opening of the Broadway Cable Terminal.  To the left of Whitlam is Sir Arthur Petfield, who was Chairman or Chief Commissioner at that time.

“I worked for Richard Christoffersen when this event was held.  Richard was Director (Secretariat) and his role was to deal with the Commissioners and the General Manager Harold White.  I loved my job and Mr. Christoffersen was great to work for.  It was during a period of great change and Mr. Christoffersen was at the forefront of the work associated with OTC(A) and Parliament.

I remember how very tall and impressive the Whitlams were when they walked in the door.  It was great moment for me to be up close albeit hovering in the background of this photo

The below photo is of the secretaries from Martin Place office who acted as hostesses at the event.  Our role was to assist those arriving with name tags and to find their seats.  This was quite a large event and I remember how impressed we were with the ice OTC cutout on the food table.  Very Posh!



I cannot remember the names of the ladies.  I am hiding behind the large C.  The only other name I can remember is Marilyn at the right hand end.  I think she used to work in Public Relations.


Can YOU name the ladies in the photo? From left to right: Lady#1, Lady#2, Lady#3, Sandra Smith, Lady #5, Marilyn ??


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