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Kevan Hook – WA Vet – Ex-Rigger

30 Nov 11
Peter Bull
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Message from Don Charles:

Just thought you OTC guys, I have in my address book, might be interested, last saw cuddly Kevan (not in my time) over at Olympics in Sydney were he was a trackside official. Went with him on one of our coinciding days off to show him a bit of Sydney, was his first visit to Sydney I think.

Then maybe it was the time I was travelling on an esculater in David Jones Karrinyup, going up and Santa was on the down set, in full uniform, the next thing I knew Santa was attempting to go up on the down, taking great strides and yelling “Charlsie how ya going” as he attempted to overcome the downward movement to meet me at the top. Think he was on a lunch break or somesuch. Caused a few heads to turn.

Seems Hookie must have mellowed over time, very sad way to end it all though.

Don News Article Nov 2011

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  1. Peter Bull November 30, 2011 at 9:13 am

    Message from Kevan Bourke:
    I don’t know whether many in Sydney would know Kevan Hook. He was a rigger and storeman at PITC some years back and was there when I started back. He took a redundancy some years later. Speaking with Don Charles I was told he never did any time in Sydney but knew many of the riggers as he worked on different projects with them. I’ll let you decide whether you want to include him in the Vale section, I’ve notified the local vet’s as many over here knew him.

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