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John Burdinat Retires – End Of July 2016

07 Jul 16
Peter Bull
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A short note to let you know that I am also retiring at the end of July having commenced with Uncle OTC at DCA Waverton in 1970 then various locations around Sydney with Eng Branch then Radio Services at OTC house then Doonside, Laperouse, Townsville and finally at Brisbane Radio. I then left and joined the Queensland Police as a Comms Tech. and then Calibration Tech. calibrating Speed Detection and Breath Alcohol equipment for the police and ended up as Manager of the NATA accredited Calibration Laboratory at the Police Complex at Alderley in Brisbane.

I recall many of those that you mentioned in Dave Solomon’s farewell testimonial.

Mick Callaghan was at the Hasler Gateway Telex exchange install at Broadway where I worked for about a year or so in 73-74, and I think  Lindsay Harradine, Bob Murray, Jeff Hatchman and Reg Spray were all Paddington boys.

I also would like to thank all the people in OTC who have helped me throughout my career, especially in the early days with Ray Baty, Dave Collister, Des Kinnersley and all the mates I have worked with over my 29 years in OTC.

I remember telling Raoul Velchic after he first started work at Doonside and there was a small altercation between Neil Yakalis and Keith Boyd and Raoul asked “Who the heck (it was a similar bit stronger word used) are these guys I have to work with” and I told him “The best bunch of bast……s you’ll ever work with” and I am sure he would agree with me now, as I am sure all the OTVA members would agree, We were the best Bs to ever work with.


John Burdinat (JPB to my close mates)

Jean-Pierre Burdinat

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  1. Peter Bull July 11, 2016 at 8:41 am

    I remember John Pierre Burdinat (JPB) well when he worked with us at Doonside. JPB was always cheerful by nature & happy to talk technical problems out. He later transferred to Laperouse & would ring us up to report technical faults. John earned his Queen Scout award with Mortdale Scouts before turning 18. He went on to become a Venturer leader & so provided valuable community service.
    Neil Yakalis

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