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Sick list – Jeff Pace – 18/5/11

21 May 11
Chris Bull
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From David Neyle

Mick Ward rang me this morning to give an update on Jeff Pace’s health.  For those of you who are not aware, Jeff was diagnosed with a brain tumour last year (ironically enough, at the same time as Kevin Huby’s death from the same problem).  Jeff has been going through the usual radio and chemotherapy, however Mick says he has had a bit of a turn for the worse, but is receiving physiotherapy and occupational therapy and can again talk and recognise friends and family.  Of course, everyone remains hopeful that he will regain his health.

Jeff was an integral member of our clan, and Mick and I thought that many of you would perhaps welcome an opportunity to say “hello” to Jeff, or at least keep him in your thoughts during these troubled times.  Jeff is currently at the Sacred Heart Hospice, which is part of St Vincents Hospital in Darlinghurst.

Mick can be contacted on 0418-249116, or at e-mail if you want further details.

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  1. Peter Bull September 30, 2011 at 3:41 pm

    Jeff passed away in the week commencing Monday 26 September 2011. May He Rest In Peace.

    << For further details check out the Vale>>

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