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Goonhilly Downs SES complex in Cornwall

16 Sep 22
Peter Bull
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Many thanks to Jim Simpson who passed this one for the enjoyment of other members who may be interested:

This brought back some memories for me since I visited Goonhilly Downs SES complex in Cornwall, UK around 2000 when I was based in London (1998-2001) & maybe of interest to other OTVA Vets.

Originally British Telecom, now privately owned.  An impressive complex still as active as ever in association with NASA & other space exploration activities where one can Take a break from SLS and tour the nerve center for Artemis, ESA, JAXA and maybe Starship?! – YouTube



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  1. Peter Bull September 16, 2022 at 9:02 am

    We passed by Goonhilly Downs on the way to Clovely in Devon a day ago.

    From a distance I could see the large number to dishes of different sizes.

    It is still an impressive site today.

    Cheers Kevin O’Brien

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