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George Maltby – 91st Birthday – Thursday 31 January 2019

02 Feb 19
Peter Bull
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David Richardson reminded the Committee that George Maltby turned 91 last Thursday.

I have heard from Kate Schober who organises the care that his son, Chris, provides for George and Mary

They both still live at home, their apartment at Double Bay, with 24/7 Carers. Mary has Alzheimer’s and George has Dementia.

George was such a huge influence on OTC and the lives of those of us who had the pleasure of working under him so it would be nice to be able to celebrate this event with him albeit a bit belatedly. Kate said that she will give us an update on George and Mary in coming days.

The below photo was taken of George on the occasion of Phil Harris’ retirement in 1987.

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  1. Peter Bull March 21, 2019 at 2:09 pm

    From email dated Monday 18 March 2019:

    I visited George Maltby recently. He seemed in reasonable shape although he did not recognise me.

    I sat with him and chatted for a while about a few OTC memories from the old days.

    He is being well looked after. Mary was also at home but asleep at the time.

    Peter Shore

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