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Fanning Island – Is the photo of the CS Building in the attached story accurate?

18 Oct 12
Peter Bull


From Laurie McIlree:

Hi Peter,

The attached website contains a photograph of a cable station on Fanning Island and I am wondering if anyone can tell me if it resembles the original cable station there or a building later on as the site does make mention of cable station staff working on the island.

My daughter (google, Annie Frances) who does entertaining on passenger ships has visited Fanning Island and has been unable to find out any one who is aware of the old cable station building and I was hoping on her next visit this photograph may jog a memory.





  1. Peter Bull October 19, 2012 at 10:07 am

    Laurie & Peter,
    Another photo taken from a radio mast on the Ocean side of the station. The cable station is under the differently roofed area on the RHS.
    regards Keith
    Another View of Fanning Island HF Radio Station

  2. Peter Bull October 19, 2012 at 11:13 am

    Peter& Lawrie,

    The photos on the webb site are of the original 1902 cable station.
    In the 1950’s before agreement was reached with the Americans for the
    Compac route there was considerable money spent on Fanning to
    accommodate Compac if necessary.

    Attached a copy of the cable station building (taken from the lagoon
    side) as of 1963 when we closed down. The cable station rooms were at
    the left hand end along with the Manager’s office. Then the club and
    billiard room, the library and the hospital at the right hand end.
    The Manager’s residence was a little further to the right and the
    other houses further right again on a road running down toward the
    lagoon. The Single Mens Quarters were at the cable station end on
    another road running down towards the lagoon.

    Remember that this station is at Whaler Anchorage as marked on the map
    whereas the ships call in at English Harbour and the tourists only get
    to see Napia, where the Burns Philp Fanning Islands Plantation
    headquarters were. To get to the cable station you have to go across
    the main entrance channel and travel about 9 Kms along the road. I
    believe they are usually so short on fuel it may be necessary to
    borrow a bicycle to get there.

    Some of those old photos were taken by a photographer named P. Nutt.

    Great to see that WEB site.
    Regards Keith

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