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Fanning Island (circa 1963)

19 Nov 13
Peter Bull
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Keith McCredden has provided the following photos:

07 FI Cable Station Staff 1963






L to R  Back Row.     Karl (Charlie) Raecke, Geof Day, Geof McDonald, Keith McCredden, Len Martyn.

Front Row.      Alan Rogers (C&W), Dr Clarke, Manager R.H. (Randy) Payne, Peter Beechy (C&W) Alex Griffiths.

13 FI Cable staff wives







Mrs Betty Griffiths,  Mrs Molly Raecke,  Mrs Dixie Payne,  Mrs Clarke,  Mrs Ann Rogers,  Mrs Rita Day.

3 Griffiths children.  3 Payne children and John Day.



FI Geoff McDonald, Alex Griffiths, Vernon Newton04 Keith McCredden and Des KinnersleyFI Air DropFI Bomb test observers US & UK17 US Atomic Bomb test trailer16 UK Atomic test shedFI Atomic Bomb blastFI Cable station LaunchesFI Hermit Crab ClubFI Original house 196111A FI Single Mens QuartersFI Single Mens QuartersFI Managers Residence 196314 FI  Houses for Married staffFI CS RETRIEVER offshoreFI All FI Station & Village peopleFI Cable Station Staff 196303A FI Cable Station02 FI Cable Station 196301 FI Cable Station 196301A Receipt for last message sent from FI03 FI Cable equipment room 1963







Percy Roberts District Commissioner G&E Island Colony 1960s

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