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Don Dillon – Ex OTC – Passed Away 25 July 2022 – Aged 78 years

04 Aug 22
Peter Bull
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Keith Gray has advised that Don’s wife, Kathryn, has passed on the sad news that that Don has passed away. Other friends have advised that Don had a sudden and fatal heart attack.

Don was a trainee technician from 1962 to 1964  at the Paddington Training School run by Jon Cresswick. Keith was in the same group as Don.

Keith is not sure where Don worked in OTC after he completed his Field Training so he would be interested to hear from other Vets where he may have worked.

During the last few years Keith had kept in touch with Don attending a few get togethers for lunch and meetings with other ex OTC guys.

May He Rest In Peace.

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  1. Peter Bull August 4, 2022 at 6:02 pm

    From memory there were 9 of us in that group and we were the first group to be put through the E & C Certificate Course.

    My spelling on some names may not be correct but the group was Don Dillon, Keith Gray, Ken Kirby, Frank Smith, Jim Lisserman, Terry Nipperess, Phil Grieve, Brian Hoschke and Paul Deglin who left half way through the first year and went back to school to get a better LC pass .

    Frank left on completion of the training course, Jim went into transmission, Phil went on to Uni and became an engineer, Terry went to satellites, Ken did some time in the drawing office, not too sure where Don went but he left early on, I don’t remember where Keith went and I went inti ISTC after surviving the BAJ Creswick training regime.

    Brian Hoschke

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