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Denis Chambers – Passed Away 29 January 2019

30 Jan 19
Peter Bull
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Denis Chambers – formerly of OTC Melbourne –  died peacefully in his nursing home bed in Rosebud, Victoria on 29th January 2019. He had a blood disorder that worsened rapidly in the past few weeks, and he did not have to endure a prolonged passing. He was mentally alert and enjoyed visits from all of his family members over his last two days – a fine farewell. His story began in Yorkshire in the UK in 1926 and moved through service with the British Army in India and Palestine during (and just after) WW2, emigration to Australia in 1949, marriage to Alva in Melbourne in 1952, and a long career with OTC, before retirement to the Mornington Peninsula. He had two sons (Ian and Neil) and one grandson (Henry).

Service History:

Sept 1949 to December 1949  Traffic Assistant
January 1950 to January 1960  Telegraphist

February 1960 to September 1977 Phototelegram Officer /Senior International Telecommunications Officer

September 1977 to December 1986 Training Officer Melbourne.

Denis contributed in many roles over the years as:

1993 President OTVA (VIC)

30th May 1980 to 15th May 1987 Treasurer OTVA (VIC)

Several roles of the OTC(A) Staff Social and Sports Club Melbourne, Canteen, Wagga Cricket Club and OTC(A) Provident Fund Melbourne over a number of years.


Please pass the message on to the members of the OTVA

Thanks, Ian, Kath & Henry (Chambers)

The below photo was one taken on his 90th birthday in 2016 featuring sons Neil & Henry and grandson, Henry, together (his favourite picture from recent years).

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  1. Peter Bull January 30, 2019 at 1:28 pm

    Sorry to hear of Denis’ passing- best training instructor a snot-nosed spatchcock could ever hope for. He had us all typing like the wind!

    Scott Pointer

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