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Compac Opening

06 Sep 12
Peter Bull
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Robert Brand has suggested:

There should be a huge celebration of the 50th anniversary of the compact opening and Invite the Prime Minister, and/or Minister for Communications to attend with press, etc.

A re-enactment of that first phone call that was ever so important hooking up all the prime ministers can also be an achievable goal.

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  1. Peter Bull September 6, 2012 at 3:12 pm

    From John Eades:
    I was on the ITMC floor preparing things as a Trainee could only do a day or so prior to the official opening of Compac by Prime Minister Menzies. I was moving an IDF ladder between a pillar and the frame watching what I was doing however I didn’t look up and notice this very large analogue clock hanging from the ceiling between the pillar and frame, knocked the clock with the ladder (I was the unlucky one to knock it for the last time) heard the noise of the clock falling as it hit the top of the ladder, scared witless tried to catch the bl….dy thing – the glass clock face broke on my outstretched hand and nearly cut my thumb off – well made a mess of it.
    Fellow workers grabbed me, took me into the wash room and attempted to stem the blood flow, applied first aid and then took me down to St Vincent hospital.

    Emergency doctor stitched me up, NO local anesthetic as he said the needles required to administer the anesthetic would be more painful than passing the needle thru to stitch the wound. ( I certainly didn’t agree with his thinking as he applied the stitches)
    Finally the doctor asked me who had administered 1st aid and advised that they had done a good job treating my injury as a burn.

    Reminiscing – must be getting old – bugger! ! @


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