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Christmas Reunion 24 November 2015

26 Nov 15
Peter Bull
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The OTVA held its Christmas reunion in the function rooms at the Bowlers Club, 99 York Street, Sydney between midday and 3pm on Tuesday 24th November.

There were 57 attendees: Allan, Peter;Anderson, Bob; Barker, Tom; Beaton, Gary; Beckett, Ron;Bennett, John; Breeze, Bill;Bull, Peter; Callaghan, Mick; Charles, Don;Clay, Trevor; Corben, Jules;Coutts, Dave; Craig, Ross; Currie, John; Davis, Max; Dentskevich, Bob; Francis, Gregg; Game, Mike; Grant, Dennis; Gray, Steve; Hainke, Neville; Hennessy, Allan; Hinwood, Jeff; Hookway, Ray; Huddy, Graham;Hulme, Jim; Jensen, Tim; Jolly, Bill; Kelly, Col; Lions, Bob; Lloyd, Peter; Lukin, Ron; Marshall, Steve; Martyn, Greg; McCredden, Keith; McDermott, John; McDonald, Ian; Miles, Ted; Mills, Peter;O’Brien, Kevin; Oldman, Geoff; Phillips, John; Pow, Ray; Richardson, David; Simpson, Jim; Smith, Ross; Stuart, Tony; Travis, Brian; Tuckfield, Robin; Veverka, Dean; Vossen, John; Wan, Ernie;Wilden, Mick; Wills, David; Woloszuk, George; Yakalis, Neil.

There were 5 late apologies received: Emanuel, Bob; Trebeck, Peter; Hopkins, Kim; Brand, Robert; McCann, Paul; Hibbard, John.

The Buffet meal was well received by members and provided great variety catering for a wide variety of tastes. The rooms were well laid out enabling members to move around relatively easily and say Hello to everyone present.

There was probably 40 years difference between the youngest member and the most senior generating a wealth of stories both factual and exaggerated as happens after many years and a few beers.

From what I could see a great time was had by all.

Ray Pow Steve Marshall Col Kelly
















Many thanks to the committee for a job well done. Events like this don’t just happen. They require a lot or planning and organisation by a dedicated few.

Special thanks to Kevin O’Brien, David Richardson and Robin Tuckfield for their work in collecting the money at the door. Nobody escaped!Kevin O'Brien, David Richardson and Robin Tuckfield - Money Collectors












Peter Bull


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