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Ceduna – Oct 2011

27 Oct 11
Peter Bull
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Mesage from Paul Horder

So much has changed but then so many years have passed since I first visited Ceduna!

I cannot believe I did the HSC 40 years ago. It was strange standing at the earth station and realising my last visit was at the start of my working life. It was sad to see the station locked up and the dish stowed. The lady at the tourist office told me that the cleaners went out once a week and no one else ever visited the site.

The town is well kept and appears prosperous. The foreshore, business area and main roads have been recently landscaped. The Community Hotel has been demolished and replaced by the up-market Ceduna Foreshore Hotel with building work in the final stages. Their motel units are the same as when I stayed there though the street in front of the units is now a secure car park.

Some current photos of the station and town can be found at:

Some 1974 photos can be found at:

Below is the floor plan of Ceduna 1. I found it on the web. It is from a University document on how to operate the site whilst living there. (Double click on the below image with your mouse to see all of the floor plan)

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