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Broome Radio

18 May 17
Peter Bull

Jim Harte recently returned from a trip to Broome where he took the below photos at the town Historic Museum that may be of interest to those with a HF/CRS background.

197 Broome CRS transmitter




196 Broome historic photo


Below are some photos taken by Ernie Wan when he visited the same museum in Oct 2005.

A story about the closing of the CRS and its history.

Ernie commented to his wife, Trish, that he used to work on similar HF transmitters in AWA to which she replied that maybe he should be posted with it  as two museum pieces. How unkind!Broome PlaqueBroome Plaque continuedBroome Historic Photo


  1. Peter Bull May 18, 2017 at 2:42 pm

    Oh god… a P5J 500 watt transmitter… I hated those things… It might interest you to know that similar hut type buildings were built in Esperance… they are still there… The OTC site, except for the antennas, is still there on the hill overlooking the town. Good Grief..

    Seeing that transmitter reminds me…
    Bruce Boardman bought at an auction an ATS-1 1Kw HF transmitter that came from Thursday Island and I know he has it because he rang me and told me that when he opened it up my name and OTC phone number was written behind the front panel….

    Now you guys need to get out more…..

    Bill Comerford

  2. Peter Bull May 19, 2017 at 11:36 am

    OTVA members may be interested to know that the Broome Museum is situated in the Broome Court House building.

    The Court House Building has an additional link to our history, as it is the original Broome Cable Station.

    Des Kinnersley

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