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Brian Woods – On the Improve

28 Dec 17
Peter Bull
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I phoned Brian Woods a couple of days ago, for the first time in a few years and was happy to find that he is still with us but he appears to be quite frail and he and Jill have been in a nursing home in Woy Woy for about a year.  I said that I was contemplating visiting Sydney next year,  at the suggestion of John Eades and Brian was very keen for me to visit him.  I just hope that he will still be with us if I do get over there.

Brian called for me yesterday morning but I couldn’t take the call but I called him back just now and had another chat but he had to cut that short due to nurses.  One name that came up a couple of times was Ron Beckett.

Brian is a magic bloke.  He caught up with me several years ago when he and Jill passed through Carnarvon.  He interviewed my for my traineeship in 1969 and I was amazed to discover later that my four mates and I were picked from 190 applicants in Western Australia,  and we all passed at the end. He must have known his stuff.

Regards, Les Bateman

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