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Brian Callaghan – Passed Away Friday 24 June 2016

27 Jun 16
Peter Bull

Brian Callaghan












Brian’s son, Matthew Callaghan, advised Peter Feeley on Saturday that his father has passed away the previous night.

Funeral Details to follow.

May He Rest In Peace.

Sales Support Manager, Brian Callaghan, retired in 1988 after a 37-year career with OTC.

Well-liked and respected, Brian’s farewell function saw a throng of friends and colleagues from many areas of the business come to wish him well in his new career as a man of leisure.

Brian’s long years of dedicated service meant the presentation at his farewell was a high-profile affair. Managing Director, George Maltby, presented Brian with a gold watch and National Sales Manager, Jim  Culbertson, entertained guests with a visual biography of Brian’s time with OTC


  1. Peter Bull June 27, 2016 at 2:17 pm

    I would very much like to add my condolences regarding Brian Callaghan’s recent passing.
    My head spins trying to select the most appropriate phrase (unquestionable integrity; thoroughly likeable; cool calm and collected; good bloke to know; etc; and these observations are from someone who didn’t share any part of Brian’s career in a professional sense).
    My wife, Gay, and I frequently shared Roseville or Lindfield railway station with Brian, either on our to work or coming home. That was just about the only contact we had with him. But Gay would always remark: “What a nice man!”
    Moc O’Connor

  2. Peter Bull June 27, 2016 at 4:59 pm

    Brian and I were graduates of Bill Stevenson’s telegraph training school way back in the 50’s. After I left OTC for pastures new in 1968 we kept in touch via the Vets for quite some time.

    He was a great guy and I extend my condolences to his wife and family.

    Ken Mullen

  3. Peter Bull June 28, 2016 at 8:42 am

    I am currently overseas.
    Please convey my sincerest condolences to Brian Callaghan’s family.
    I have had the pleasure of working with Bryan and greatly appreciated his very valuable and generous help and contribution. Graham was one of those very rare real gentlemen you meet once in while.
    He will no doubt be missed by many.
    Gerard Lanzarone

  4. Peter Bull June 29, 2016 at 8:49 am

    Very sad news…..
    I knew Brian well when he was Sales Support Manager at OTC in the late 80’s, then reconnected with him when I was in Telstra then PacStar in Perth and Brian was Mr WorldCom.
    He was always a true gentleman and a great guy to be with. I remember once when I was driving him around South Perth his jaw dropped when we stopped at the traffic lights at Mends Street in South Perth, and three baby elephants crossed in front of us…. “only in Perth…” he said… then quick as a flash….“did you organise that for me?”
    Another time I was due to catch up with him on one of his visits to Perth – we had some appointments lined up later that day but he rang me at 7:30am – my wife Sandra answered the phone and he asked her if we knew of any tailors close by to his hotel. Turns out he split his only pair of trousers that he had taken with him….. he truly travelled light! We sorted him out though !
    The world won’t be the same…. It will be so much poorer without his knowing wry smile and quiet sense of humour.
    Sorry I can’t make it up to Sydney in time (I’m in Melbourne these days) – but I’ll raise a glass for him.
    Bob Jarman

  5. Peter Bull June 29, 2016 at 12:35 pm

    Peter, was very sad to hear that Brian Callaghan has passed away. My late husband Gray and I shared many happy occasions with Brian and Joan over the OTC years – dinners with the group on many occasions, time spent with Brian, Tom and Fay Barker, Martin Kaldor and Jim Delaney at a convention in Anaheim, and even a Sydney Swans football match with Brian and Joan, quite a few years ago. Lovely to have those memories of happier times.
    Brian was also very supportive and caring to Gray in the months before he passed away.
    Please pass on my sincere condolences to Brian’s family.
    Bev MacDonald

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